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Peppermint Gifts [DEMO]   Hiatus Girl pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl

Peppermint Gifts [DEMO]   Hiatus Girl pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl

by Lunamations

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Released Thu Dec 31 2020

by Lunamations
14 Subscribers

You decide to spend the Christmas afternoon meeting up with your friends to give presents to each other. I wonder what will happen along the way?


GrimesRulz Oct 1st, 2022

this is adorable so far! great work!

Beanabee Oct 25th, 2021

I love this! It's so cute and fun. I love the music and art. Can't wait for the game!

Anooblmao May 26th, 2021


senshine86 Apr 4th, 2021

This is cute, I just think there should be a change when a new character talks, because it can be hard to tell who's talking. Maybe a bounce or glow or moving to the center 0; ? I think it's a really cute demo though, I like music and designs :D

Shilohdog Mar 7th, 2021

How do you add your own drawings instead of web links for the photos? Also it won’t let me use drag and drop. But I do love this vs!!
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