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SnowFall   Completed Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl

SnowFall   Completed Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl

by LuminaX

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Released Wed Dec 30 2020

by LuminaX

#Drama#Fairytale#Snow White#Evil Queen#Christmas Jam
Drama Fantasy Romance
You are the mirror of the evil queen who is “invited” to attend the Christmas Celebration of Snow White as a way to bridge their broken bonds, however something about this marvelous event feels... off
The fate of the queen is in your hands.


SomeRandomThei Jul 16th, 2021

i looooooooooooooooooved this, thank you for making it!!!

Phantastic May 3rd, 2021

This game was awesome! It was so creative, and the artwork was so pretty! All of the characters are so interesting, I had to replay it multiple times!

KeroSama Feb 16th, 2021

I really likes this story! It was nice being a mirror and the net time I look in a mirror I will probably think about this. And your art style is so pretty! The character designs are great! Thank you for making the game for us to play and your hard work payed off! ^^

Melodymoonlight305 Feb 5th, 2021

this was a really creative game to play. we(aka me and my sister) love the drama, the story line, and mostly the art style. lastly we also simp for the evil queen(aka Quincelia)

StarStar Jan 9th, 2021

I didn't expect myself to be so interested in this, but I really found the concept of being the mirror to help the evil queen make her choices intriguing! Not to mention, you have such a lovely art style, I can see the hard work put into this game. <3