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Space Rancher: slimy encounters   Hiatus Girl pursues Boy

Space Rancher: slimy encounters   Hiatus Girl pursues Boy

by Lionbarrel

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Released Sat Mar 24 2018

by Lionbarrel
53 Subscribers

Adventure Fan Made Drama
It's a fan-game of another game that happens to involve slimes and farming.
Please give your feedback in the PM thanks.


sleepybully Oct 24th, 2021

I know this is on hiatus, but do you ever plan on continuing this? plus in the screenshots it shows more then i think i can actually achieve, which is fine but a little weird haha.

Betawolfgamer Dec 7th, 2020


Samocto Sep 10th, 2020

Pink is the most wholesome looking character in this to me

Pineball43 Aug 10th, 2020


apatheticTorment Jun 9th, 2020

when i go to read some mail no letter of any kind shows up and it just says "lets see what we have here." I thought maybe it hadn't come yet but its been quite a few days.

Moissac89 May 29th, 2020

favorite game ever!

MysticMel May 9th, 2020

slime rancher!

donaldsonchase May 1st, 2020


kouko Apr 22nd, 2020

haha its slime rancher

DAX Apr 3rd, 2020

This is so cute but here is a thought, maybe after reading Lester mail, you can make it disappear because I can keep reading and write back which can be exploited to increase my stats...
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