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[Undertale AU] MahouUnderground Academia (INCOMPLETE)   Hiatus

[Undertale AU] MahouUnderground Academia (INCOMPLETE)   Hiatus

by LUC1G07CH1Sama

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Released Fri Aug 25 2017

by LUC1G07CH1Sama
40 Subscribers

You're Frisk (or the name you'll choose), the newest Magical Girl student. You'll meet some students and befriend them. Or borther them, your choice.
3 different endings! (in the final version of course)


voicesall Jan 19th, 2021

I got stuck when I was about to go to papyruses house I think I spelled his name wrong oh god

introvert Jan 25th, 2020

i cant get past the you come back home line after the first day :(

introvert Jan 25th, 2020

this is good
grammar and spelling can be improved
drawings are good
and what order the text comes in can be improved
but overall i like this game

godofhumor Jul 16th, 2019

one thing:what if a male plays? just saying you might want to change it to pronouns or a choice not to be a bother love it have a nice day!

marynamaru Mar 21st, 2019

it won't play for me

SmallishZulu147 Mar 9th, 2019

that art is nice but it needs music and I personally think sans should still have his clothes from the game but other than that its good