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Miraculous Ladybug - A Midsummer's Nights Dream Completed

by LUC1G07CH1Sama

21 Subscribers
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Released Wed Feb 28 2018

by LUC1G07CH1Sama

21 Subscribers
#miraculous ladybug#mlb#Contest
(i'm very sorry for the pun in the thumbnail in case you understood it)

This is actually a kinectic novel, so all you should do is watch the circus being burned-q

This is actually my first complete game here, but it haves very few assets. I has just challenging myself for doing much with few.

My submission for the Miraculous Ladybug valentines day contest. In episode 1, you'll get Marinette's point of view, and in episode 2 you'll get Adrien's point of view.


Textbox by Angelgames731.
Script and contest by Sonya.
Sprites by ??? (An artist from Otomate), me (LUC1G07CH1Sama) and Paytonerik.
BG's by Uncle Mugen and Zagtoon.