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Tainted Memory   Teen 16 Completed

Tainted Memory   Teen 16 Completed

by KuroAkiza

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Released Wed Jun 03 2020

by KuroAkiza
31 Subscribers

#horror#witchcraft#summer#Summer Jam#mystery#camp#Cloudnovel Unforgettable Summer Jam#cult
Two sisters attend a summer camp. The teens in the camp start to hear strange sounds at night and find stick dolls in there area.
Little do they know that a cult sceduled there meetings in the nearby forest. And one night the younger sister went missing, so the teens start to investigate the cult.


Sato92 Sep 6th, 2020

I love your work ^_^
Very good character design and there are many ways to complete the game. This gives the novel a high value to play it more than once to experience all the choices and consequences.
The only suggestion for improvement would be that when characters speak, they should be displayed in the textbox on the left like Neela.
I'm already looking forward to your next novel.