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A Grave Robbery ( small update ) Ongoing Boy pursues Boy Girl pursues Boy

by KirschenBlatt

56 Subscribers
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Released Wed Nov 01 2017

by KirschenBlatt

56 Subscribers
#a grave robbery
Have you ever wanted to date an undead folklore? Now's your chance!

KirschenBlatt presents you our first very short visual novel to test out the waters in this type of story telling.

BIGGER UPDATE COMING SOON: now playable again but only minimal changes have been done, which you can discover for yourself. You can visit us on tumblr and twitter @ kirschenblatt for more info. big update with more CGs and extra content coming January first, thank you for being patient ♥


SquareScrolls Jul 30th, 2019

It. Black out after They talk online

sixtensyv Jul 14th, 2019

Also the game also cuts out once you have finished the "demon" thing about if you can get the grave robber's attention by saying comments to him. The game cuts out after you finish it. ( I had to write another comment since Cloud Novel is kinda working on editing and deleting massages )

sixtensyv Jul 14th, 2019

I managed to get special date, but it cut out at some point [Nope, im not gonna reveal spoilers] Bug or WIP?

IZU Apr 30th, 2019

after the "I overslept" part it is just a black screen with the textbox blank :(

CATgirl01 Feb 22nd, 2019

I played this a long time ago! Let's see what has changed~