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Summoning Love   R-18 Hiatus Boy pursues Boy

Summoning Love   R-18 Hiatus Boy pursues Boy

by Karsiel

10 Subscribers
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Released Wed May 22 2019

by Karsiel
10 Subscribers

You, a demon, are summoned by a mysterious necromancer. He seems to have an eye for you and isn't the only one. In a time full of misfortune, you create relationships with other characters to discover the mysteries of the town.
Note: Game is rated 18+ due to events in future chapters!


imtired1234 Feb 28th, 2022

This is very unique so far. Don't give up, I am excited to see the outcome.

blackroses Sep 27th, 2020

Okay, so- The art is.. well ehh.. g o r g e o u s - The entire storyline is so catchy, it makes you fall in love with the story and want more- And even if some things about this were quite unexpected, it is awesome. Definitely something worth to play! I am just at the beggining of a route, and I took my time to write this comment while it was loading, still, I can tell that this is going to be really great ^^ Sorry for the long comment, but this just deserves a lot more attention and 'celebrity' , because it is just pure art. Good job -w-

fluffness May 22nd, 2019

ooh this is interesting so far