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Summoning Love   R-18 Hiatus Boy pursues Boy

Summoning Love   R-18 Hiatus Boy pursues Boy

by Karsiel

12 Subscribers
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Released Wed May 22 2019

by Karsiel
12 Subscribers

Romance Fantasy Horror Mystery Drama
You, a demon, are summoned by a mysterious necromancer. He seems to have an eye for you and isn't the only one. In a time full of misfortune, you create relationships with other characters to discover the mysteries of the town.
Note: Game is rated 18+ due to events in future chapters!


imtired1234 Feb 28th, 2022

This is very unique so far. Don't give up, I am excited to see the outcome.

blackroses Sep 27th, 2020

The art in this is gorgeous. I'm loving the story, the characters, everything. Really wanting this to become as popular as possible. Last time I played this was in 2020, I'm editing this comment now in 2022 because I came back excited as hell when I found out you were going to update it and found the original comment extremely cringeworthy. Either way, can't wait to see how this evolves!

fluffness May 22nd, 2019

ooh this is interesting so far