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Oct 17th, 2020
Commented on Sonic 199X: Episode One (With Voice Acting!): VN's are fun to play. I've enjoyed a few on occasion, and while not usually my thing, the intro to this game had me engaged because of the really cool redesigns for all the characters and the way we meet familiar faces in new and interesting ways. The music choice was on point for the emotional and visual aspects of the story, it felt very welcoming and got me in the right mood as music choice really compliments the scenery and character redesigns. I was also surprised to see some of the characters included, it really shows the love for the lore and other characters beyond the usual characters we see in Sonic works. The voices were fairly well acted for what has been completed so far. The actors were given direction and do well for their parts in each others' story. The game's combat system has a few tricky spots with special finishers, but once you complete them they feel good, and once again come across naturally and make sense in the context of the story and do not feel needlessly tacked on. I recommend you people give this game a try, and just let the fun take you :)