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Elora   Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

Elora   Ongoing Girl pursues Boy

by IceRose

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Released Tue Aug 23 2016

by IceRose

Romance Otome Drama
When I turned 18 six months ago, I moved back to Ironwell town, my mother's hometown. She died when I was 11 years old. She used to be a baker and had a bakery shop in town but she left it to move to a nearby village called Redfell with her elder sister. I was born there. When she died I started learning bakery so I could move back to Ironwell and open her shop.
But when I did, I suddenly became a princess!
I'm Elora, and this is how my life changed.


blackroses Aug 3rd, 2021

Amazing, truly amazing. I absolutely loved it, every single part of it, all the plots and the drama. Really did enjoy this, and can't wait for more routes to come out. All my respects.

liitle Mar 18th, 2021


IceRose Jan 18th, 2021

Ian Randolph's Route is out!! Please enjoy the VN. Thank you.

LushBear Jan 6th, 2021

i like the story!, its very interesting will there be more in the future?