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Once Upon an Alice |DEMO|   Hiatus Girl pursues Boy

Once Upon an Alice |DEMO|   Hiatus Girl pursues Boy

by HaryuChan

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Released Fri Aug 11 2017

by HaryuChan
152 Subscribers

In Angela's (changeable) ceremony day, she have never felt so happy the entire day. None of those glamorous visitors and guests nor a large amount of appetizers makes her satisfied. She seems to be looking for something that she won't regret trying. No excitement bores her, even small walks at the same places isn't enough. Not until a small argument with her fiancé has started and made her leave the place to find comfort for herself.
A few minutes later, she found a stray cat in the gardens and left a strange letter with a written message "Follow the Rabbit". This is where a rabbit started hopping away and tells itself that it was late--wait it talks? What will happen if she tried to follow the rabbit? Will it make her boredom disappear?


oneinamillion Jun 29th, 2020

hey did you guys have a problem with putting the girls' name in? cause I did. ITS A PROBLEM!!!!

cutekawaiifox18 May 6th, 2019

Continue this!!! I need moe!! Love the characters XD
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