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23 32 ^^if you want to know what sonya did.
Joined Jul 17th, 2022
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23 32 ^^if you want to know what sonya did.
Joined Jul 17th, 2022
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Jul 17th, 2022
Created new topic watch this video please in the General forum:

Jul 17th, 2022
Created new topic GET OFF CLOUDNOVEL in the General forum: my name is probably changed to grimes now but please read this before continuing to use this website (we need to destroy Sonya's career because she called Elon's child, son of his wife Grimes, the heir and next CEO of SPACE X and TESLA the r slur):

Jul 17th, 2022
Replied to a comment on Café Rouge:
Sonya said: Thanks! The reason we wanted to keep the MC's age as 16 is because usually 16 is the accepted age for girls to start dating. We also wanted teenage girls who play this game to feel like they can be in the MC's shoes, because I wrote and came up with this story when I was 16 years old and in high school, myself. A lot of the story of Café Rouge came from the inspiration of popular shoujo manga I read as a teenage girl, and many have romances of female students and their teachers, for example like in Fruits Basket and Card Captor Sakura. Nevertheless, thank you for playing and it means a lot to hear you call Café Rouge a "great" game, it made my day! <3
hey! i just wanted to say that i also thought the story was really weird for the main character being a minor, it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. i love the art in the game too! its beautiful! but i really wish ron's character could be changed into being a non-romantic route or the main characters age being set as 18. im a minor and i just find it uncomfortable to me when i see how willing some of the adult characters are at dating a characters that's canonically a minor. i understand if you read shoujo as a kid with teacher x student tropes, but just because many mangas influence it doesn't necessarily mean it's morally right