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Verso Completed

by FishyFeathers

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Released Sun Jul 24 2016

by FishyFeathers

33 Subscribers
Lila is excited to begin her new job as assistant teacher at the Modern Academy for Young Magicians. However, between a missing (stolen?) magical tome and a couple of quirky street characters (criminals?), things may get more complicated than she ever anticipated.

Heads up: contains a couple scenes with flashing lights.


First visual novel!! I made this mostly to see if I could and WOW - is it ever shorter than I thought it would be! There are 8 endings though so if anybody is like me and feels the need to find every ending...hopefully it keeps you occupied. I think I've worked out all the bugs but I may just be deluding myself, haha.
Constructive criticism is very welcome - particularly when it comes to music. I tried some but I have horrible musical taste and eventually gave up. To anybody out there more experienced than I who feels like dispensing advice - would it have been better with music? If so, what kind? Teach me, please!
Finally, because this was mostly a learn-to-do-it project, I used absolutely no original art.


The art for Benny, Tod, and the library, school entrance, Lila's bedroom, nighttime forest, and restaurant all come from BASS

The art for Ms. M and Lila was done by Konett (I think that's this person:

The art for Gizmo was done by kyu-kyu-nya/Irene/Ran (

The art for Runt/Ace is (c) Gaia (I tried to find a link here but there are so many artists called Gaia D:)

The rooftop art was not credited but was linked by shardyy (

The hospital art was not credited by was linked by CeilLover27 (

The forest art was not credited but was linked by Touma (

To all of the artists above? YOU ROCK. I am an art student. I know how long this stuff takes. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I promise that now that I kind of know what I'm doing I will use my own art. (Did I say thank you yet?)