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The Witch of Pondgulch   PG-13 Ongoing

The Witch of Pondgulch   PG-13 Ongoing

by FishyFeathers

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Released Thu Feb 21 2019

by FishyFeathers

Fantasy Drama Kinetic
Ardel’s life is simple: she follows the rules, and she tries to be good. But when a new student crashes in to her bland life at the Pondgulch Girls' Charity School and townspeople start looking for someone to blame for recent tragedies, "simple" gets, well, complicated.


ZodiacStories Nov 12th, 2020

I finally got around to finishing this VN...(only took me what? 3 years?) and I loved it, everything from the history to the art and characters! :3

now if you excuse me I'm gonna go cry in the corner for the next 3 years.

cookiespie33 Oct 22nd, 2020

It's soo amazing!

ReedFairyPetals Aug 25th, 2020

One of the best visual novels I've read! I love the twists and the style and everything!

Tman03 Aug 15th, 2020

Wow, I did NOT see letter 9 coming! That twist really brightened my day!

Plum Jun 2nd, 2020

Stunning! I can't wait for the completed version. The artwork, music and storyline is just on point!

clumxycupcakes May 11th, 2020

I love this, this is such a sad and touching story, I love the art. It felt like I was watching a movie! The characters ' faces were so expressive. It felt like I was there, again, I love this so much,

MandM1313 Apr 17th, 2020

it didn't load that fast but it was worth it in the end

now if you'll excuse me I'm going to cry myself to sleep

ScarletCobra Mar 5th, 2020

I just started and I love it already!! The art style is beautiful, the animations are fun, and the writing makes me feel as if they really were in the time of the witch trials. It's so good!

Magic Nov 8th, 2019

I'm super duper late, but I felt I had to say that this VN is AMAZING. The style, the story, the lure... All of it fits together so well! I'm definitely making fanart, this is incredible!!!!

AnonymousWolf Oct 22nd, 2019

AHHH THAT ENDING!!! I'm so sad right now :'(...such a unique novel, with great visuals!! I love everything about this! I heard you mention different routes for the future...I really hope that comes true! I'm going to cry my sadness away now lol.
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