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The Witch of Pondgulch Ongoing

by FishyFeathers

19 Subscribers
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Released Thu Feb 21 2019

by FishyFeathers

19 Subscribers
Ardel’s life is simple: she follows the rules, and she tries to be good. But when a new student crashes in to her bland life at the Pondgulch Girls' Charity School and townspeople start looking for someone to blame for recent tragedies, things may not stay simple for long.


A pseudo-historical (?) drama about friendship and disobedience. Think the first part of Jane Eyre meets the Salem Witch Trials? Except just ignore the part where the Witch Trials took place about 200 years before the events in Jane Eyre and apparently charity schools didn't really come into fashion until like the 1700s at the earliest? I dunno guys I just wrote what I felt like writing haha.

This was supposed to be for the jam back in October 2018 but, well. I got carried away. I want the story to branch eventually but for now I'm just going to update chapter-by-chapter until it can be played all the way through as a kinetic novel.


“Old Paper” by geverto

“Writing with Pen.aif” (c) by JasonElrod is licensed under CC BY 3.0

“Page Turn - Please Turn Over (PTO) - paper_turn_over.wav” (c) by flag2 is licensed under CC BY 3.0

“childhood 1P63” (c) by Setuniman is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0

“less happy 0X263” (c) by Setuniman is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0

“Bang Pop Crack Whoomp” (c) by uEffects is licensed under CC 0 1.0

“Marble Church” (c) by chimerical is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0 1.0">">“sombrepiano.wav” (c) by luckylittleraven is licensed under <"">CC BY 3.0

“Pig - Multiple Snorts 6 (2 pigs)” (c) by">JarredGibb is licensed under <"">CC0 1.0

“Pistachio Ice Cream Ragtime” (c) by lena_orsa is licensed under <"">CC BY-NC 3.0 ">printable_models is licensed under <""> personal use


LUC1G07CH1Sama Mar 5th, 2019

This is purely amazing! Not only the artstyle of this game is unique, but I see that you've put a lot of effort on this. That main menu AAAAAAAAA

lenore Feb 26th, 2019

I love it!! Very excited for more. I find the cursive font a bit hard to read, but your writing makes it worth the effort.

Sonya Feb 21st, 2019

Fishy Feathers!!! Glad to see you're back and making more games!!! Wow this game looks SO interesting...