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Insidious   Completed

Insidious   Completed

by FishyFeathers

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Released Wed Aug 03 2016

by FishyFeathers
65 Subscribers

I wake up on a dark, abandoned island. I can feel immediately that something is very, very wrong. But will I last long enough to discover what it is?


alittletimid Dec 27th, 2020

I beat it already - is there gonna be more? I got off the Island and it said The End. :(

alittletimid Dec 20th, 2020

I was already trying to work on my Visual novel and this gave me the kick in the pants to start! Thank you so much!!
A good Game!

jipster Nov 13th, 2020

i LOVE the game i am at the part where there is a leak

Angelicat Oct 24th, 2020

im stuck. i tried everything, but after i go to bed everything i do i lose. if i go in the lab i lose, if i go in the kitchen i lose, if i stay to sleep i lose, what i have to do?

TwoEyes Sep 30th, 2020

Is there an effect that comes from feeding or not feeding the rat?

Tonofanime Sep 24th, 2020

I can't get pass the study

Icecreamscoop25 Aug 31st, 2020

...never mind

Icecreamscoop25 Aug 31st, 2020

So I can only find a way to escape I don’t know what monster y’all are talking about because I can’t find it

Necsi Aug 20th, 2020

I really loved your game, it's unique in the sea of romance visual novels. Short and effective, i loved how you set the mood with the descriptions. The vagueness of the research topic was more successful in creeping me out than if it had been more explained.

oneinamillion Jul 1st, 2020

when the monster made the sound i got soo FRICKING SCARED!!!
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