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Doodlepie   Ongoing

Doodlepie   Ongoing

by FishyFeathers

41 Subscribers
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Released Sun Aug 04 2019

by FishyFeathers
41 Subscribers

What are Doodlepies? Tiny digital creatures that live in nooks and crannies of the internet, available as pets for the first time! Name your Doodlepie, feed them, play with them, and decorate their tank. If they are happy they will reward you with Sand Dollars!
Inspired by Lenore's penpals ( which has been making me want to do a phone-shaped game since the first time I saw it, as well as this adorable gif (


rhl2325 Jan 19th, 2020

at the moment it doesn't seem like anything is there its just the site background and where the game should be the cursor does change but the only thing it seems you can do is change to full screen which is half black half white

DAX Aug 4th, 2019

The text is too small and fast for me to read

lenore Aug 4th, 2019

*screech of joy* It's so cuuuuuuuute!!! Also ty you for the mention!! I'm so happy my game could inspire something so adorable!

But.... I keep feeding him blueberry fish and no sand dollars...