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FNIA: The last Location   Teen 16 Discontinued Girl pursues Boy

FNIA: The last Location   Teen 16 Discontinued Girl pursues Boy

by ChonkoTheGreat

71 Subscribers
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5,596 Words
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Released Mon Mar 04 2019

by ChonkoTheGreat
71 Subscribers

Enter the journey of Jake Brown, some random guy who just moved to Utah and lived some time from the money of his friend. But then his live suddenly changes, after he found a Joblisting for the last Freddy Fazbears Anime Convention. But nothing is as it seems... find out about it in this Visual Novel!


Gunnstar213 Jul 14th, 2020

i like the sans refrence at the start great job with the game keep working on it

thedarksonic Jun 30th, 2020

pls contnue

Adzofuniverse6 Jun 21st, 2020

why does mine stop every time I try to make a choice in the office?

KarumaUnmei May 29th, 2020

What a turn

shadowwolf1987 May 27th, 2020

me: begins
visual novel: You wanna have a bad time?

Ninjaguy999 May 26th, 2020

Ballora: WE GET SCRAPPED?!?!?!
Nedd bear: We GET SCRAPPED?!?!
Candy Cadet: CANDY!?!?!?!

MSRENGINE4 May 18th, 2020

Can you continue the novel please

AsrielDreemurr2232 May 14th, 2020

It's a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, on days like these, Undertale references like this, SHOULD BE BROADCAST TO THE WORLD!

Shadowtron64 May 14th, 2020

i cant get past the follow the smell of bad puns route

fniapervet May 5th, 2020

i am stuck onn 100
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