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FNIA: The last Location   Teen 16 Discontinued Girl pursues Boy

FNIA: The last Location   Teen 16 Discontinued Girl pursues Boy

by ChonkoTheGreat

124 Subscribers
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Released Mon Mar 04 2019

by ChonkoTheGreat
124 Subscribers

Enter the journey of Jake Brown, some random guy who just moved to Utah and lived some time from the money of his friend. But then his live suddenly changes, after he found a Joblisting for the last Freddy Fazbears Anime Convention. But nothing is as it seems... find out about it in this Visual Novel!


SpringBonnie1983 Feb 26th, 2022

This is amazing, but it's sad it's not getting updates, I really wish someone could continue your work in the future!

venomvsthanos21k Feb 18th, 2022

candy,candy,acndy,candy times 10.

venomvsthanos21k Feb 18th, 2022

nice undertale meme thing!!!

MayGodHelpMe Feb 13th, 2022

OMG you're all idiots it says it's discontinued meaning it's not getting anymore updates

lNJl Feb 11th, 2022

its fucking discontinued you bumbasses is ses discontinued under the name idiots discontinued means its not getting any updats at all never getting updated agen

GreysonJ Jan 13th, 2022


GreysonJ Jan 13th, 2022

like only 1 of the paths work on the adventure

annabell Nov 11th, 2021

i think this novel was so cute and fun to play thank you for making this novel. Please when ever you can please update it

lNJl Nov 3rd, 2021

its discontinued

pizzagamer Jul 18th, 2021

uh when the fuck are you gonna update this game
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