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FNIA: The last Location   Teen 16 Discontinued Girl pursues Boy

FNIA: The last Location   Teen 16 Discontinued Girl pursues Boy

by ChonkoTheGreat

104 Subscribers
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Released Mon Mar 04 2019

by ChonkoTheGreat
104 Subscribers

Enter the journey of Jake Brown, some random guy who just moved to Utah and lived some time from the money of his friend. But then his live suddenly changes, after he found a Joblisting for the last Freddy Fazbears Anime Convention. But nothing is as it seems... find out about it in this Visual Novel!


aftonkid2 Mar 11th, 2021

it might be just me, but if i choose any path other than run or go into the dark room the game freezes. i hope you can fix this.

CarolineMe Mar 10th, 2021

I NEED UPDATES please update this game

DaWeeabooMan Mar 2nd, 2021

are you still working on this?

DaWeeabooMan Mar 2nd, 2021

YOOOOOOOOO nice undertale reference

roogoycookie Feb 26th, 2021

this was fun, sad theres not gonna be more updates :/

Fnafman Feb 24th, 2021

Fnia is not welcome to the fnaf cmounity

Zanderman2006 Feb 23rd, 2021

Me: Clicks Episodes
Also Me: Why Is Sans Here?

nightmaremaddison123 Feb 9th, 2021

Fun time chica:*faints*
Me:oh she ded *-*

Drazen1 Jan 15th, 2021

Begon I say rainbow demon! OUT of my sight!"

BonBon3000 Dec 22nd, 2020

wut the -_- -_- im legit done
sorry for my language
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