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Speak [Demo] R-18 Ongoing Girl pursues Boy Boy pursues Boy Girl pursues Girl Boy pursues Girl

by Cherume

7 Subscribers
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Released Wed Aug 16 2017

by Cherume

7 Subscribers
PLEASE READ! It is not finished. It is simply a demo as of now. When your character says 'Hm, where should I go...?', you are only able to choose choice #1, #3, #4 and #5 for both looks. i repeat, ONLY 1, 3, 4 AND 5 FOR BOTH LOOKS. If you choose the male look, choice #5's shorter and longer route are available to play. Thank you for reading this!

Speak: You are a transgender guy/girl who just landed a great new job, recently moved and are currently living on your own. After a long first day, you have a chance encounter someone, may it be on your way home or a stop before you go home. Who will you meet? What will happen between the both of you? Will it be love, friendship or death?

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