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My Strange Life With Boys Ongoing Boy pursues Girl Girl pursues Boy

by CherryTzu

2 Subscribers
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Released Mon Apr 23 2018

by CherryTzu

2 Subscribers
A story about a girl, who moved, in an All-Boy school. Creepy and weird dark turns to develop deep inside with strange world of boys. wish boy will she pick? wish boy she will leave? these questions shall forever be in this....strange life of boys.

Will be deleted soon on 1/10/19 since this was a demo beta test game. When the actual full game release, it will have original art, game concept and a lot of effort.

This demo is actually not finished but halfway. So if you are wanting to play the full game, please play the demo first! But please forgive the errors in this demo as for the misspellings and grammar. This was rushed a bit as time has gone by, everything was going as fast as days go by. We never really had much time at all since the full game was getting created as well.