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Mu Shr-homie (Spooky Jam 2020)   Mature 17 Completed

Mu Shr-homie (Spooky Jam 2020)   Mature 17 Completed

by CATmetchu

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Released Wed Oct 28 2020

by CATmetchu
30 Subscribers

Mu Shr-homie is a virtual mushroom girl roommate with a style the whole family can enjoy! Players can feed her delicious sweets, change her outfits, get her to do tasks, and talk to her!
It's so realistic you can't believe it! Get yourself a new homie today!


pmcplayz Nov 24th, 2020

im happy to try it

Angelicat Nov 17th, 2020

very very very cool! btw just to know, after the screen with her saying to return or shell never leave you, does the game end or it continues?

JohnnyOmaha Nov 8th, 2020

Holy cow that got creepy. It was crazy hard to find the exit button when it got psycho, but I got it, and then it got even MORE creepy! ... and then it didn't? So I guess it ended sorta wholesome? Would love to see a youtube on how you ended up creating this, it felt like CloudNovel itself was possessed!

SpringMetal4316 Oct 28th, 2020

i excpected a jumpscare but its very nice, except sometimes when i click too much the tv button, the background buttons overlaps eachothers.
but its very nice

LUC1G07CH1Sama Oct 28th, 2020

I'm not the only one who made a Virtual Pet game for the jam lol
I love it!