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After all - UT fangame. [DEMO]   Hiatus Girl pursues Boy

After all - UT fangame. [DEMO]   Hiatus Girl pursues Boy

by Azzai

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Released Tue Nov 22 2016

by Azzai

Otome Fantasy Comedy Fan Made Romance
Fangame Undertale. Original by Toby Fox.
This is only a demo version of our game. It covers only the first day, which is Monday. Of course, it does not include all of the options available at this level of the game, because we wanted to keep some surprises ;)


ASnekWithHands Oct 6th, 2022

*Internal glitched hissing/screaming*

TheManBehindTheSlaughter1987 Oct 26th, 2021

*clicks "where are the knives?"*

Frisk: NO

ReedWriterBoi Oct 1st, 2021

Well, Frisk is genderless.

KEAGAPLIER1 Sep 6th, 2021

MAKE MORE PLEASE AND THIS IS WHY *i got so into it that ehe i thought i was a just for a moment i thought i was in the game lol sorry*

WhittyBallistic Apr 15th, 2021

"the game game will take about 7 days"
oh cool! say when was this ma- *Released tuesday November 22 2016*

XxMaxxedxX Mar 4th, 2021

not em playing da goood song for the shop

NyuuKomori Oct 6th, 2020

First of all, I love how the drawings are! But sadly, I can't really play it since the text is really buggy and out of place, I hope u fix it soon so I can play it! C:

AstroPSI Sep 29th, 2020

that flowey sprite was hilarious, nonetheless the game is good

PokeAngel999 Apr 18th, 2020

*Where are the knifes?*

nne2008 Mar 27th, 2020

i cant open the game
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