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Dark love Demo Teen 16 Hiatus Boy pursues Girl

by AzumiChieHaru

38 Subscribers
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Released Tue Jan 16 2018

by AzumiChieHaru

38 Subscribers
A dating simulator where you are able to meet and possibly date the character named Azumi Chie Haru, she is 1500 hundred years old as well as a vampire neko succubus hybrid. Will you be able to capture her heart?

Udpdate Jan 22, 2018:
Music and sound effects have been added to the game
I do not own the music or the sound effects, that goes to it's rightful owners

Update Feb 25, 2018
More menus and options have been added to the game due to other characters will be implemented. One of the things implemented is a second menu, this menu includes a "New Game" "Load Game" and "Affection Status" option. Instead of "Affection" for just Azumi, a short cut has replaced the old "Affection" which is called "Affection Status" that is available throughout the game. This makes it easier than having four different text on your screen throughout the game. Some spelling errors may also have been fixed as well!

June 11th 2018 Update:

I changed the rating to mature due to swearing in this game. If you do not like swearing I advise to not play this game. Edits made to the demo includes some of Azumi's Route.


I own both the art and story


Xelio Jul 30th, 2019