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Mea Huna   Ongoing

Mea Huna   Ongoing

by Astara

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Released Sun Sep 01 2019

by Astara
32 Subscribers

While surfing, Kiana falls and hits her head, landing her in a underwater realm. In this realm an ocean kingdom's magical force is disappearing and its king has asked for her help. She is given magical items to unlock secrets to finding a sea witch and restore the ocean magic.


AnimeSims123 Sep 27th, 2021

This is seriously so cool! I love everything from the art to the music, and even the storyline! This vn is simply amazing :D

ConverseHigh May 27th, 2021

Your backgrounds are so nice!

KEAGAPLIER Feb 15th, 2021

i like the music

Rayraysmall2 Sep 21st, 2020

oh wow i never thought that a shark would be so hot T_T

oneinamillion Jul 3rd, 2020

amazing game the characters have so much detail!!

Vodka Feb 11th, 2020

Aw its cute!!!!
the dialogue box text could be bigger imo, but maybe thats just me lol. The bg music is such a mood i love it

Drakone Sep 1st, 2019

Psst I think you need forty-four more words for this to be a valid entry

Astara Aug 31st, 2019

I'm trying to fix it. I messed up some of my scenes. T^T

Sonya Aug 31st, 2019

WOWOW oh my god this is beautiful T_T so pro