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Camp Fright: An Unforgettable Summer (Demo)   PG-13 Ongoing

Camp Fright: An Unforgettable Summer (Demo)   PG-13 Ongoing

by Astara

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Released Sun Aug 30 2020

by Astara
32 Subscribers

Myra plans to go to summer camp, and while distracted, she gets on the wrong one bus. This special bus brings her to Camp Fright, a summer camp for supernatural creatures and monsters. Some welcome her in with open arms, but others are slightly threatened by the thought of a human in their beloved camp. Will she make new friends and be accepted or be tormented out of camp by enemies? play to find out! :)


whimsyjupiter Sep 1st, 2020

Ah! Your art style is so lovely! Mimi is super adorable. I think she'll end up being my favorite. Can't wait to see where this story goes!^^