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BobaLove   Ongoing

BobaLove   Ongoing

by Astara

24 Subscribers
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Released Sat Feb 29 2020

by Astara
24 Subscribers

#boba boy#otome#bobalove
Trying to win Boba Boy's heart is tough, but good thing you have super magical powers to help you out!


NekoFactory Jun 6th, 2020

I am so confused as to how to get past the neighbor... I've gone both ways and it ends in her lighting my house on fire, soooo........ help?

Shadowtron64 May 19th, 2020

the system is a nintendo switch lite

11Bxnny May 1st, 2020

This game is cool, i love the character design especially

peachmilk Apr 14th, 2020

This is one of the most adorable vns I've ever played. I'm in love with this art style. The pastel is nice, my only suggestion would be to change the text color, but this whole game console thing you have going on....truly fantastic

GingerTea Mar 8th, 2020

I love the art style a lot, it is is so cute! The story is adorable too!

dragonjune22 Mar 6th, 2020

Love it! It is soo good and amazing.