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Pink Maid

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:28 pm
by iluminu
Maid in pink garb with 9 variations.

If you use it, please credit me (iluminu).

Re: Pink Maid

PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:19 pm
by Sonya
I've always wanted to comment on this one and now I finally can :D

This is like the prettiest character sprite on the whole site! I wish you had made more so people could make a set.

Re: Pink Maid

PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 10:52 pm
by Kyoliamii
I'm late but very pretty. :D

Re: Pink Maid

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:29 pm
by hyesunxoxo
Hello! Can we use this sprite outside of cloud novel for a low-key noncommercial project or are sprites here only exclusive for the use of cloudnovel? We'll make sure to credit you, thanks!