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Echoes of legacy

by thesider | Last Updated: May 23, 2017


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May 19, 2017

Work in progress.

Hello everyone, we are 2 students of Milan! we are developing this visual novel insipired by Siddhartha a 1922 novel by Hermann Hesse for a school project.

Our story is a sequel regarding his son.

All the assets are drawn by us. (characters,backgrounds,buttons)

There will be more chapters and decisions. the final game will be out the 16th of june.

If you guys have any feedback or comment that could help us it will be great!
Thank you!

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Re: siddhartha

Postby thesider » Fri May 19, 2017 5:18 am

This novel will be available in english. for now it's in italian! :D
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Postby thesider » Fri May 19, 2017 5:17 am

work in progress
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