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Sprite Sheet Animation

In this tutorial we will show you how to add animations to your visual novel.

CloudNovel supports spritesheet animation, as demonstrated in the visual novel "Eevee Quiz":

Sprite Sheets are a set of images or sprites in a single large image, or a sheet. The following sprite sheet was used in Eevee Quiz: To add a sprite sheet to your visual novel, simply go to your images tab and add an image. Then open up the image asset menu. At the bottom section, check the sprite sheet marker, fill in the animation width & height (of a SINGLE sprite image), how many animation frames there are, and speed/FPS(frames per second). TO USE THE FREE SPRITESHEET, USE THE FOLLOWING SETTINGS:

Width: 272
Height: 334
Frames: 50
FPS(Frames per second): 25


Concatenator (drag individual frames of animation to create a spritesheet) (provided by Gaia)